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Respiratory aids

Respiratory aids

To experience respiratory obstruction can be very dangerous and directly life threatening. It is therefore of utmost importance to receive help as fast as possible. What aid is needed depends on the severity of the situation Some aids are specifically developed for medical professionals and can be found in ambulances for pre-hospital care, for example. Other aids can instead be used by the public and can be stored together with defibrillators, or in a first aid kit, for example. 

Here at CPR-Help you will find a large variety of respiratory aids to be able to save the lives of people who have suffered a respiratory or cardiac arrest. With these aids, you can quickly and efficiently start saving the life of the person who cannot breathe.

Hot items in the sub categories

CPR Masks

It is always a good idea to have a CPR mask close at hand if you need to perform CPR. In our range, we have, among others, CPR masks that you can fasten to your key chain. There are also CPR masks that can be stored together with defibrillators. With a CPR mask, you do not need to feel discomfort when performing insufflations during CPR. It protects yourself as well as the sufferer against disease and bacteria. We also have face masks that protect against droplet infection.



Pocket Masks

Pocket masks are a simple aid during insufflations for someone who does not want to perform the mouth-to-mouth method. These can be used by both experienced and beginners. Pocket masks are also extra good since all the air that is blown in goes down into the sufferer's lungs instead of some of it leaking out. 



Professional respiratory aids for use in emergency care

At CPR-Help there are not only respiratory aids for private individuals and workplaces that want to be prepared for respiratory and cardiac arrest. We also have a wide range of respiratory aids for use in emergency care. 



Resuscitators and The BAG II

An important respiratory aid used in health care and emergency care is the manual resuscitator. Here at CPR-Help you will find resuscitators of very high quality from Laerdal. We have them in all different sizes for adults, children and babies as well as storage bags and masks. Furthermore, we have all the accessories and replacable parts that may be needed. 

In addition to reusable resuscitators, we also have disposable resuscitators, both from Laerdal. In our product range you will find The BAG II which has the same high quality as a reusable resuscitator. The difference is that this is for single use and therefore there is no risk of cross-contamination. 



Silicone masks for respiratory aids

Every year about 5 000 people suffer from cardiac arrest inside Swedish hospitals and about 10 000 people outside: http://www.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:945540/FULLTEXT02.pdf. To be able to perform CPR with a resuscitator and The BAG II the right type of silicone mask is required. In our range you will find all the masks needed. 



Suction unit from Laerdal

For the body to be oxygenated, you must first ensure nothing is in the way, blocking the airways If secretions, blood or vomit block the airways, it endangers the patient's survival. At CPR-Help, you will find suction units from Laerdal among our other respiratory aids. We have the LSU Serres with a suction bag system and the LSU Reusable which does not require any extra equipment, only cleaning. The range also includes all accessories that may be needed.