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Breathable protection

CPR Masks

When there is an emergency situation and CPR must be performed, a CPR mask can come in handy. To be able to save lives you must create free airways and dare to make insufflations. However, many may feel afraid of the sick person's bacteria and the like. Therefore, a CPR mask can make more people dare to do insufflations and thus save lives. 

CPR masks are small and easy to store. By always carrying CPR masks, storing them in the first aid bag or with a defibrillator, they are always at hand. CPR masks are singe use materials that should be replaced between each use. That way, they are always clean and hygienic and, at the same time, diseases cannot be spread.

Protects both the life saver and the sufferer

A CPR mask does not only protect the one suffering from a cardiac arrest and who needs insufflations. They also protect those who carry out the lifesaving. To carry a CPR mask with you every day is ideal. You never know when an emergency situation may occur.

At CPR-Help you will find a variety of CPR masks. The main thing is not what variety is used, but to choose a variety that is always at hand and thus actually gets used. Every year, around 10 000 cardiac arrests occur in Sweden: http://www.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:1171162/FULLTEXT01.pdf. This means there are many times when CPR masks should be used during life saving insufflations. 

At CPR-Help there are CPR masks from Laerdal that are packaged individually, for example. There are 50 pieces in one pack so there are plenty of them. 

If you wish to be sure to always have a CPR mask close at hand, they also come in the form of key rings. These take very little space and if they are hung on your key chain you will always know where you have them. With a CPR mask on your key chain you know you are always ready to save lives in a safe way.



Protect yourself from droplet infection with CPR masks

CPR masks prevent the sufferer's lips from touching the life saver's lips while breathing in. This way, disease or bacteria cannot be spread. The protection also prevents body fluids from passing from one person to the other. What they do not prevent, however, are continued effective insufflations. 

Here at CPR-Help you will also find face masks and visors. In this way, you protect yourself and others from spreading droplet infection. This will prevent you from spreading viruses or being affected yourself. 

The face masks at CPR help filter out at least 95% of all particles. They are especially excellent if you have a spread of infection in the workplace or for health professionals who come into contact with sick people. They have all the qualifications required to be used in hospitals.



Dare to save lives with a CPR masks

Anyone can suffer a cardiac arrest and have to be rescued with compressions and insufflations. With CPR masks close at hand, both the life saver and the sufferer are protected. We at CPR-Help therefore recommend you always store CPR masks together with your defibrillator. Then, the chance is greater that more people dare to help with the life saving insufflations.