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AllegraMask MED

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Product Description:

The best way to protect yourself against the airborne viruses without hiding your face. The AllegraMask is a transparent visor for medical or personal use, produced in Germany. This product meets all the EU required demands on quality and safety for medical equipment (ISO 13485).                       

A visor is a good alternative to the mask. With a visor you do not need to have something in direct contact with your mouth, which makes it both easier to breathe and to have conversations. You protect both nose and mouth from drip infection, while also helping to protect others.



• Stylish design    

• Transparent and scratch-free plastic    

• Speak and breathe freely    

• 100% recyclable      

• Easy to clean    

• Comfortable to carry

• Fulfills EU’s high standards

• Protects against infectious agents 


Modern design

Many visors on the market are large and clumsy. The AllegraMask has a minimalist and discreet design, which means that you can wear it out on the town, at work, when you go shopping or when you visit family and friends.

The technology behind this product is patented. The fasteners that hold the visor in place can easily be removed and replaced with another color. This way you can vary the appearance of the visor and have the right color for the right occasion. 


Made of transparent thermoplastic

Transparent thermoplastic, also called polycarbonate is an unbeatable material when you want transparency and high durability. The material is often found in shop windows and in airplanes. The surface of the AllegraMask is also treated to prevent fog from forming.

The visor has a long durability, thanks to the scratch-free treatment of the thermoplastic. Here you get a visor that is barely visible, which allows you to communicate freely with people around you.

Human communication is to a large extent based on facial expressions and by using a visor with a minimalist design, the communication becomes more natural. 


Easy to keep clean

The AllegraMask is extremely easy to clean. The plastic can withstand hot water and soap. Wash it under running water and wipe it with a towel or napkin. You are then ready to use the visor again. This is therefore a very sustainable and thus environmentally friendly protection.


Protect the environment and choose a sustainable product

To use a visor is to care for the environment. The AllegraMask is 100% recyclable while the product can be reused for a long time. The visor does not risk getting scratched and become unusable after a period of use. Instead, it can be easily cleaned and reused. 

This product is fireproof and does not contain any toxic substances. 


Practical and comfortable

This visor weighs only 53g and sits very comfortably around the head with adjustable fasteners. The nose clip helps keep the visor in place even when you are active and in motion. As the fasteners does not need to be hung around the ear, you can wear glasses under the visor completely unhindered.


Reputable manufacturer

The AllegraMask is manufactured in Germany by FAIST. FAIST is a global company for medical equipment with production facilities and offices in Europe, the USA and Asia.

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