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Pocket mask

Pocket mask

At CPR-Help you will find a pocket mask from Laerdal. This kind of pocket mask is one of the world's most used breathing masks and is of high quality. By always having access to a pocket mask when someone’s life must be saved with cardiopulmonary resuscitation, you protect both yourself and the victim.

A pocket mask provides safe and reliable protection during mouth-to-mouth breaths and prevents bacteria and infection from spreading. With the help of this aid, no diseases are thus transmitted, neither to nor from the lifeguard.

Practice using the tool

Anyone can use a pocket mask. To be able to use it quickly and correctly, however, it is beneficial if you have practiced it first. That way, a correct cardiopulmonary resuscitation can begin immediately.

If you acquire a pocket mask, it is a good idea if everyone who has access to it can learn how it works. In an emergency, help must come quickly and not be delayed by learning how the mask works during the emergency. 



Pocket mask with and without oxygen nipple

A pocket mask can be used by both private individuals and by professionals in the healthcare sector. A pocket mask can be stored together with the defibrillator in homes as well as in workplaces and in public environments. Then it is always close at hand when it is time to start cardiopulmonary resuscitation with breaths. If there is no defibrillator, it can be stored in a first aid kit instead.

At CPR-Help you will find two different pocket masks from Laerdal. One basic model and one with a more advanced oxygen connection. The difference between a standard model and the more advanced one is that the standard model does not have an oxygen nipple.

Pocket mask O2, on the other hand, is an aid with an oxygen nipple and filter. This tool offers a superior way to protect the lifeguard who saves the life of someone who has suffered cardiac arrest. A pocket mask is a cost-effective way to protect the lifeguard and gives the victim a greater amount of oxygen: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1285220/pdf/archemed00003-0043.pdf 



The pocket mask filters out infectious substances

The pocket mask is delivered in a hard case and thus has a safe storage. The design makes it easy to use and the filter and one-way valve provide full protection. The filter filters out all infectious substances from the air that the lifeguard blows into the victim's lungs. Thus, the victim does not risk becoming ill.

With a pocket mask, the lifeguard ends up a bit above the victim. This allows the person to see when the breast is raised and lowered. The color of the victim's lips is also visible. If you buy a pocket mask from Laerdal, gloves and wet wipes for the best possible hygiene are included. 



Pocket mask for children

CPR-Help has all the accessories you need for your pocket mask. In our range, there is also a pocket mask that can be used by children. This aid is specially developed for children's smaller faces and mouths. With this in your equipment, you are always ready to save lives in a safe and secure way even on children with the help of breaths.

If you are unsure of which pocket mask is best for you, you can always contact us at CPR-Help for advice.