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Defibrillator AED7000

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Product Description:

The AED7000 defibrillator is our best seller, because of the very competitive price and high quality with a full 8-year warranty.

The AED7000 defibrillator is a user-friendly defibrillator that follows the guidelines of the European CPR Council. Clear local voice instructions guide the user with instructions. No previous training is required, but we recommend that everyone follow the CPR Council's guidelines on regular CPR training every year.

The ideal placement for the defibrillator is in an office environment, but with a high IP rating of 55, it can also handle tougher environments. It fits all our different cabinets. It can also be installed in our outdoor cabinets. No defibrillator should be stored in minus degrees, but with a heating cabinet for the outdoor environment, the defibrillator can also be available to the public!

The defibrillator comes with a bag, wall mount & CPR kit. It is ready to just be put up on the wall. We deliver the defibrillator ready to use. You can see that it works through the OK symbol on the front of the display. The supplied electrodes are recommended to be connected at all times in order to be able to use the defibrillator as soon as possible in the event of a cardiac arrest. It is also possible to buy electrodes for children between one and eight years of age.


Who can use the AED7000 defibrillator?

If a heart stops beating, the time is short and something must be done immediately. In such situations, a defibrillator is vital to have close at hand. AED7000 from the distributor Lifetek is a defibrillator that fits just as well at companies, as at home. We also supply the AED7000 with a practical CPR kit that contains the most important accessories to facilitate the using of it. The CPR kit for example contains, angled scissors to be able to cut up clothes - this may be necessary to quickly access the electrodes on the victim's chest. A razor is also included. It is used to remove hair, which may be needed for the electrodes to have sufficient contact with the skin. The kit also contains respiratory protection, antiseptic napkins, gauze bandages and disposable gloves.

The AED7000 is designed to start quickly and be as easy to use as possible. Thanks to the guidance voice instructions, you can use the defibrillator even if you have not attended CPR training or used a defibrillator before. The defibrillator calmly and clearly guides the user through each step of the resuscitation process. This means that this product from Lifetek is a smart choice in public places. It is small and flexible and with the help of the wall bracket, you can easily mount it on the wall in an easily accessible place. If the device needs to be moved, it is also easy to carry because of the sturdy handle.


Durable defibrillator with safe function

The defibrillator distributed by Lifetek is not only easy to use, it is also durable and of a high quality. Since it has an IP rating of 55, you can also place it in slightly tougher environments where it is exposed to dust or moisture, such as industrial premises, swimming pools or similar areas. If it is to be placed in rooms without insulation or outdoors, you can buy a protective cabinet with heat that can withstand temperatures of either -25 degrees or -45 degrees. The defibrillator follows the CPR Council's guidelines and has been developed and improved based on feedback from countless educations in the field. It performs continuous self-tests, which ensures that the defibrillator works properly when it matters. If something is not right, it indicates it, which makes it easy to fix the problem in time.


Buy your AED7000 defibrillator from us

We offer a good price on the defibrillator AED7000, it is a high-quality product from the distributor Lifetek. Lifetek develops various of products in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and has very solid experience in the industry. This means that you can feel safe when choosing products from them. By being prepared and equipped with a defibrillator, you increase the chance that more lives can be saved.


Service of the defibrillator

Feel free to also choose a service agreement where we service the defibrillator according to recommended intervals from the manufacturer. We make sure that you do not have to worry about forgetting to change the electrode/battery then. Consumables such as electrodes and batteries are included in the service agreement, so you pay nothing extra for the operation of your defibrillator, only the annual price, even if the defibrillator needs to be used in sharp mode.


What is included in the service agreement:

Service of the defibrillator. The service agreement is valid for 1 year at a time and is renewed every year. No notice period so you can simply say that you do not want to continue and we will cancel the agreement immediately.

Replacement of electrode & battery according to service interval (approx. 2 years electrode/approx. 4-5 years battery).

Borrow defibrillator in case of damage or failure of your own defibrillator

Reset of the defibrillator if used for cardiac arrest


Extra security; If your defibrillator is stolen, we will replace it with a new one for a cost of 350 GBP ex VAT

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