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Defisign defibrillator Defisign AED Defisign

DefiSign Life defibrillator

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Product Description:

DefiSign LIFE - The defibrillator for all emergency situations

Are you looking for a reliable defibrillator that can be there for a long time without needing maintenance? If so, the DefiSign Life defibrillator is a suitable choice for you. With this device close at hand, you can save lives without having any training or experience in healthcare. With a robust design and clear, voice-guided instructions, this is the ideal defibrillator to set up in public areas, at the office, in a shopping center, etc.

The point of this defibrillator is that anyone should be able to use the device, without any kind of prior healthcare knowledge. As soon as you lift the lid, the device starts, and a voice is activated that gives the user instructions. The instructions are clear and are combined with LED lights that highlight different pictures, indicating which part of the defibrillator the voice is talking about. Step by step, the user is instructed on how to use the defibrillator. Simple and easy to use.

As standard, a semi-automatic version of the defibrillator is supplied, which is the most common type of defibrillator. A fully automatic version is also available and can be selected under “variant” above. A fully automatic defibrillator delivers shocks without the user pressing the shock button. On a semi-automatic defibrillator, the user has to press the shock button themselves once the defibrillator has finished analyzing and concludes that a shock is required. However, it is not possible to deliver a shock if the defibrillator has not come to the conclusion that this is necessary. The advantage of a semi-automatic variant is that the user can delay delivering the shock if, for example, someone should come forward and start touching the person suffering a cardiac arrest (in the worst case, the shock can then be transferred to the person touching the patient).


Schiller Medical - A reputable manufacturer

Schiller Medical, the company behind both the development and production of DefiSign LIFE, is a reputable company and market leader in many different areas. The brand guarantees good quality and reliable products.

The defibrillator’s electrodes are always connected to the device, which removes the otherwise time-consuming step of connecting these. The electrodes can be attached directly to the patient's chest. They have a service life of 2.5 years. There is no need for you to worry about when the electrodes will need to be replaced – the defibrillator itself will tell you when it’s time with a flashing light on the device.


A defibrillator - peace of mind with a long durability

DefiSign Life has a very competitive battery with a battery life of a full 6 years. This saves money while reducing the need for maintenance. In addition, it is very dust and water-resistant, which makes it a perfect choice for those who wish to place the defibrillator outdoors. Note, however, that in this case a special outdoor cabinet is required in which to place the defibrillator. This cabinet is sold separately. 

The defibrillator has special electrode pads for use on children. Here, the strength of the shocks is adapted to a child's body size. This means that DefiSign LIFE is an ideal choice for those who want a defibrillator that can be used quickly and easily, in all types of emergencies and on all conceivable patients.

This defibrillator comes with a 10-year factory warranty, which tells you something about the quality of this product. Once installed, it will be there to provide peace of mind for a long time to come.


DefiSign LIFE is multilingual

If the defibrillator is to be placed in an environment frequented by people of different nationalities and language backgrounds, DefiSign is a good choice, as it comes with two additional languages in addition to the standard language. This means that language barriers don’t have to be an obstacle to saving a life with this defibrillator. With DefiSign LIFE, EVERYONE really can be involved and save lives. You can select the language combination under the "language" option at the top.


Advantages of DefiSign LIFE

  • The electrodes have a service life of 2.5 years
  • The defibrillator itself tells you when it’s time for maintenance 
  • Special electrodes for treating children
  • A 10-year factory warranty
  • Multilingual (3 different languages)
  • Open the lid and the instructions start immediately 
  • Ideal for outdoor placement and in public spaces (with heated cabinet)

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