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First aid kits & products

The importance of high quality first aid products

First aid products are supposed to help the user quickly and safely treat different injuries and diseases. Therefore, quality is of utmost importance. The product shall satisfy the high standards that are necessary to be safe in a life threatening situation. 

First aid is a collective label for initial actions before additional help arrives (Zideman DA, Singletary EM, De Buck ED, et al. First Aid Chapter Collaborators. Part 9:First aid:2015 International Consensus on First Aid Science with Treatment Recommendations. Resuscitation.

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It could be stopping heavy bleeding by applying a tourniquet, giving sugar to a diabetic showing signs of low blood sugar levels, a fire where a person needs to be evacuated quickly through the help of an evacuation chair or rescue mattress. 

Products within first aid have developed through the years and now we also have advanced defibrillators that the public may use when they are the first to arrive at the scene of a cardiac arrest before first responders arrive. It is often the first few minutes that are most important for survival in the event of serious injuries and diseases. This means a first aid product should be easy and safe to use because the person using it most often lacks experience and knowledge in emergency medical care. Even if you take a CPR and first aid course, the knowledge is easily forgotten since you don't use it regularly. Therefore it is of utmost importance to regularly (each year) repeat CPR, first aid and fire training. This can be done on your own by going through all the materials in the form of text and video but you can also take a course through an educator. This could be good for the important practical training and information that you may otherwise miss.



Good sources to learn more about first aid and CPR are:

Swedish CPR council, the organisation in Sweden which produces current educational programmes in CPR and first aid for the public and healthcare professionals. The CPR council also works on contributing to research in the area of cardiac arrest. At the CPR council's website there are news, information materials and training materials. For example, there is an online course in CPR which is very appreciated where you get to learn the basics of CPR and first aid through educational exercises and control questions. The online course is purely theoretical and practical training is recommended as it is important to practice in order to learn CPR and first aid.

The ERC council develop their guidelines in co-operation with the AHA (American Heart Association) which also is a good source of information if you are comfortable reading in English. If you wish to learn more about which scientific studies these guidelines are based on, the ERC and AHA are excellent sources.