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Blood Pressure Monitor

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Product Description:

Yonker YK-BPW1 Blood Pressure Monitor

Simple and highly reliable blood pressure monitor developed for medicinal as well as personal use. With automatic inflation and a large, clear display of 33.8 x 29 mm, this unit is suited perfectly for anyone who prioritises simple and hassle-free handling. Performing the measurement is quick and it is easy to read the value.

Are you two individuals who want to share the same blood pressure monitor? Then this blood pressure monitor suits you perfectly. The memory function has space for the data of two individuals, so that you may easily see each other's historical values.


Easy to use

Fasten the blood pressure monitor around the wrist and activate it by pushing the large and clear on button. As soon as it is inflated it is ready to be used. You will then see your values directly on the display.

Four different colors are used to indicate the measurements. So you can easily see if your values are normal or not. 

The unit also supports IHB (Irregular Heartbeat) and displays directly on the display if this is the case.


Smart memory function

The memory function has room for 2 x 99 measurements That means two individuals can store up to 99 measurements each and look back on these, discern trends, etc.


High precision and reliability

This blood pressure monitor is designed to be used with the highest precision. YK-BPW1 is used by medical personnel and the reliability of the readings is high.


Adjustable buckle for increased comfort

The adjustable buckle is filled with air along the entire wrist, making it more comfortable than many other blood pressure monitors on the market. It does not need to be pumped up, but fills with air automatically.


1 year warranty

Yonker always leaves a one-year warranty on all its products. This way, you can feel confident that you are buying a high-quality product. 

The blood pressure monitor is powered by 2 AAA batteries (included). If the device is left without turning off, it will turn itself off after a certain time, in order to save on batteries.

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