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Fever thermometer

If you want to invest in first aid materials of really high quality, you must not miss buying a fever thermometer. A fever thermometer can say a lot about the condition of a sick person, whether it is an adult or a child who feels sick. A fever thermometer should be available in all places where people are daily, at work, and in every home. A fever thermometer is not too expensive and it is always a good investment.

Fever thermometer with infrared technology

Purchasing a fever thermometer is important so that you can quickly see what condition the patient are in and monitor the fever during all hours of the day. If you have a long-term fever that does not go away or a really high fever, you may need to seek medical attention, both for children and for adults. With a fever thermometer in the home, it becomes easier to regularly check the body's temperature.

With us at CPR-help, you can buy a fever thermometer that uses an infrared technology. In this way, you can check the temperature of a person without touching them. The fever thermometer can be used in front of the forehead and gives a reliable result every time. A fever thermometer that uses an infrared technology is extra good to have in virus times as the risk of infection being passed on is very small. This type of fever thermometer is also easy to use for everyone, regardless of age. Remember to always have your thermometer close at hand and in a place where everyone knows it is stored. Then it can easily be taken out if someone feels sick.



Measure body temperature and health

For the past 150 years, measuring body temperature has been one of healthcare's most important tricks for understanding human health. The temperature says a lot about how a person's body feels and responds to different treatments. People can have different basic temperatures in the body, but the average is around 37 degrees. Therefore, it is usually assumed that the body has a fever from 38 degrees: https://www.vardhandboken.se/undersokning-och-provtagning/tämpmatning/ matmetoder/. What can affect the body's temperature is not only fever but also BMI, age, time of day, different activities, medication, and what equipment you use.

There are different places on the body where you can measure the temperature. Among other things in the ear canal, orally or in the rectum. A rectal measurement is often recommended as the safest measurement method. However, it is not as fast, smooth and hygienic to perform as a measurement with infrared technology. Different places of the body may be different suitably depending on age and who takes the temperature.



Accessories for the fever thermometer

A fever thermometer is usually powered by batteries and they are delivered together with the thermometer. In that way, you do not have to worry about having to charge your thermometer. Even though an infrared fever thermometer does not touch the patient's body, it is still a good idea to wipe it off regularly, preferably after each use if there may be an infection in the air. An infrared fever thermometer is much more hygienic and safe than one that you have to put in your armpit or mouth, for example, to measure body temperature.