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Ear thermometer

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Product Description:

Ear thermometer

Non-contact fever thermometer developed for both medicinal and personal use. The measurement is made by either pointing the device towards your forehead or in your ear.

This state-of-the-art thermometer from Yonker has a big and clear display where you will se the body temperature and different colors indicates whether the person has fever or not.

From an infection control point of view is this type of thermometer very pleasant. When measuring at the forehead the person measuring does not need to touch the other person with their hands. You can also with ease do the measuring all by yourself, without any help if you wish.

When measuring via the ear however, the ear needs to be gently moved back and forth before you measure*. Because the infrared light needs to reach far enough into the ear.

*For kids under one year of age you only move the ear back


Get a result in only one second!

This infrared thermometer from Yonker is not only easy to use – it is also extremely quick. Just push the button to start the measurement. After only one second you can hear the signal that indicates that the measurement is done. You can see the result directly on the display.


Easy to use

The device is activated by pushing the on-button. The same button is used to start the measurement. It is so easy to maneuver that anyone can use without reading a manual.


Alarms in case of fever

Finally, you do not have to worry if the indicated temperature means that you have fever or not. The thermometer from Yonker clearly shows you three different colors, and they all have a different meaning, normal temperature, moderately elevated body temperature or fever. In case of fever the device makes three clear beeps.


Smart memory function

The device has a smart memory function, and it saves your 12 latest measurements. With that function you can clearly see how your fever develops and when your temperature is down to normal.


Dual indicators

On the device there is a removable cover for when you measure via your forehead. If the cover is on the device will know that the measuring is via the forehead. If you remove the cover the display will show that now the measurement will be done in the ear.

This device is run by 2 AAA-batteries (not included). If the thermometer is not used for a minimum of 60 seconds it will automatically turn off to save the batteries from dying.

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