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First aid kit

When you are going to buy a first aid kit, it is important to choose one that is well thought through and that consists of all the products you may need. However, a first aid kit should not contain lots of things you do not understand what they are to be used for, or even worse - too few things, which means that you don’t have the aids when needed.

Developed by ambulance staff

The first aid kits that we at CPR-Help sell are very flexible, portable, that have well-balanced content. The contents of the first aid kits are developed by ambulance staff who know what the public needs in the event of an accident. Instead of being overcrowded, the bags consist of products with an actual function that can help you in the event of an accident. The ambulance staff who have been involved in developing the contents of the bags work daily with emergency medical care and therefore know which products are most important. They simply have the knowledge and experience required to develop a first aid kit.



A first aid kit for all environments 

Our first aid kit from Firstar has everything you need in an emergency. Here you will find plasters, bandages in different sizes, compresses, disinfectants, scissors, breathing towel, cooling compress, gloves and more. Everything in the bag fulfills an important function if you need still bleeding, cooling down burns, putting plasters on a simpler cut etc. 

The first aid bag is easy to transport, it is small and lightweight. It is also resistant to shocks and dust as well as moisture. 

This bag is excellent for workplaces and public environments as well as in sports facilities, at home  or in the summer cottage. It is also well suited as a complement to a CPR training.



First aid kit for everything from cuts to heavy bleeding

If you are the first one at a place where an accident has occurred, then it is important to be well prepared. Accidents happen, as is well known, everywhere and a first aid bag should therefore be available in the home as well as in all other environments where people are on the go. 

An accident that can be treated with the first aid kit can be small cuts, but it can also be a major hemorrhage.



Handle emergency situations

According to the European CPR Council, providing first aid as soon as possible: https://erc.edu can prevent a continued serious process. If an accident has occurred, it is important to first try to locate where the injuries are and how serious they are. If the injuries are so serious that an ambulance must be called, you should then call 112. Prompt care of the injuries can be life-saving and should be done carefully. 

With the first aid bag available at CPR Help, you can handle many emergency situations. Here is content that will help you prevent shocks and help in traffic accidents. There is simply no emergency situation as a first aid kit may not come in handy. If necessary, the victim should be placed in a stable lateral position. 

It is important to ensure that the victim is breathing and has a clear airway. With a first aid bag at hand, you can reduce the risk of both suffering and injury development - simply save lives and show care for fellow human beings.