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LifeVac Home Kit

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Product Description:

LifeVac Home Kit is the ultimate kit for you who want to keep a LifeVac at home. A LifeVac is an investment well worth the money and it can save the lives of both children and adults who have get an object stuck in their throat. No training or previous knowledge is required to use this manual product and tests show that it is very effective to use in an emergency.


LifeVac Home Kit with three masks

This kit, which is for home use, comes with your LifeVac and three masks. The three masks come in different sizes and are as follows: a mask for adults, a mask for children over 10 kilos and an practice mask. By using the right size of mask, the vacuum needed to make LifeVac's patented technology work is created. Therefore, it is important not to use the adult mask on children and vice versa. This LifeVac should not be used on children under 10 kilos. It also comes with simple instructions for how the device works. It is used manually and all that is needed is a simple push.


Practice on how the LifeVac works

The LifeVac device can be used over and over again and does not need to be replaced. However, it can be wiped on the outside to keep it hygienic. However, if a mask has been used, it should be replaced in order for the appliance to be hygienic. There are extra masks to buy and it is also good to replace them every two or three years so that they do not dry out and become unusable. 

With an practice machine, you can easily practice how your LifeVac works. It is a simple technique that is neither invasive nor harmful to those who have suffered from blocked airways. It is also completely harmless to practice with. The device can be used without prior knowledge, but practice can make a life-threatening situation feel less frightening as you are more prepared.

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