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Zoll AED Plus

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Product Description:

ZOLL AED PLUS - helps you all the way

The AED Plus defibrillator from Zoll helps you do the right thing when performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Because of fact that the machine has picture, voice and text messages, it tells you how to do it, and the rescue operation both becomes more efficient and safer.


This is how ZOLL AED PLUS works

Zoll AED Plus has a pair of electrodes, and a built-in sensor that senses and measures the depth of your compressions. When you perform the compressions, you will receive a message from the defibrillator confirming that you are doing the right thing. If not, you will receive feedback via both voice and text, such as "press harder" or "press faster". The Zoll AED Plus also has a metronome function to determine if you are keeping the right pace in your compressions; about 100 compressions per minute. The rescue effort if a cardiac arrest takes place must be done in the right way, and you must also act quickly in emergency situations to be able to save lives. Zoll AED Plus helps you in difficult situations by guiding you through the entire process.


Special children's electrodes

This defibrillator can be used on both adults and children. If you need to be able to use AED Plus also for children under 8 years, you can buy special children's electrodes. When these are connected to the machine, it detects whether it is used on a child or an adult and then adjusts the ECG analysis and the defibrillation energy levels. In this way, AED Plus is safe to use for both young and old people.


Low operating cost

Both battery and electrodes have a long durability, which means that the operating costs for this defibrillator are low. The electrodes only need to be replaced every five years, and the product has ten 123A lithium batteries that you can buy in regular grocery stores when they need to be replaced. Zoll AED Plus performs has self-checks to check that it is working properly, and that the batteries are holding up. Should something go wrong, you will receive a message from the machine that starts beeping. However, it can be used even at low power of the batteries, and also has the ability to give several electric shocks. If you need to change the electrodes, it is as easy as changing batteries and it is better to do it at the same time. You can place the defibrillator in both dusty and wet environments without damaging it, it makes it easy to have close hand if something would occur. It has been given an IP rating of IP55, which means that in addition to "tough" environments, it can also withstand a fall from one meter.

Zoll AED Plus is an excellent alternative for people who are looking for a defibrillator for the workplace.

ZOLL AED + electrodes have among the longest durability of electrodes and batteries, both lasting for five years.

With a seven-year warranty, the ZOLL AED + is a defibrillator to trust.

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