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Lifepak defibrillatorer

Lifepak defibrillators are advanced, reliable, and user-friendly devices that are designed to provide life-saving treatment during cardiac arrest. The Lifepak series from Stryker, a company known for its commitment to improving medical equipment, includes several models that meet the needs of both professional healthcare providers and laypeople. With a combination of cutting-edge technology and high quality, Lifepak defibrillators help save lives in critical situations.


Lifepak defibrillators have clear instructions and voice guidance, making them simple to use even for individuals without medical training. This is crucial when every second counts during a cardiac arrest.

Advanced Technology

Lifepak defibrillators use sophisticated algorithms to analyze the patient's heart rhythm and determine if an electric shock is necessary. This technology optimizes the chances of successful defibrillation.

Customizable Settings

For professional users, some Lifepak models offer the ability to customize the settings for energy levels and other parameters, allowing the treatment to be tailored for each patient.

Robust and Portable Design

Lifepak defibrillators are built to be durable and capable of use in demanding environments. They are also compact and lightweight, making them easily accessible and portable.

Regular Self-Tests

To ensure that the device is always ready for use, Lifepak defibrillators perform automatic self-tests that check the battery and other critical components.

Areas of Use

Lifepak defibrillators are suitable for use in various environments, including hospitals, ambulances, workplaces, public places, and homes. Their user-friendliness makes them accessible to the general public, while the more advanced models meet the higher demands that professional healthcare providers may have.

Accessories and Support

To optimize the use of Lifepak defibrillators, there is also a range of accessories, including electrodes, carrying cases, and spare batteries. Additionally, Stryker offers comprehensive customer support and service to ensure that your Lifepak defibrillator is always in the best condition and ready to save lives.