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Philips HeartStart HS1 Philips HeartStart HS1

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Product Description:

Philips HS1 – the world’s best-selling defibrillator

The Philips HS1 defibrillator is a popular best-seller thanks to its reliability and user-friendliness. With detailed voice instructions, it makes CPR easier and safer. This also makes it suitable for inexperienced users, making it ideal for public spaces and workplaces. 

If you want a stylish, protective bag for your new defibrillator, remember to select this under accessories! 


Light and portable

The Philips HeartStart HS1 is one of the smallest defibrillators on the market. With a battery and electrode pads, it weighs just around 1.5 kg. This makes it easy to carry – and the best defibrillators are the ones that are close at hand. The included bag contains an emergency kit with a pair of scissors, a razor, and a CPR rescue mask.


Use the product for training 

The Philips HeartStart HS1 can also be used if you need to practice CPR, as it has a training cartridge that can be purchased as an add-on option. The cartridge features four built-in scenarios. 


The Philips HS1 saves lives

Thanks to the ease-of-use and voice-guided manual, the HSI has become one of the most popular defibrillators in the world. To use the defibrillator, pull the green handle. The voice instructions will then begin. The device does not proceed with the next instruction until you have completed the step you are currently on. You need to work fast but also be careful in emergency situations. The HS1 guides you through the placement of the electrode pads on the patient to the delivery of a shock. It also guides you in performing CPR as well as chest compressions and rescue breaths. 

To increase the chances of saving a life, this model is equipped with Philips Quick Shock. This makes the device able to deliver a shock to the heart within 10 seconds after an interval in CPR. It is important to have the defibrillator ready when you or someone else on the scene stops giving manual CPR. The effects of CPR diminish rapidly, which is why a shock is needed as quickly as possible following compressions. The HS1 increases the chances that the heart will continue pumping oxygenated blood around the body. If multiple people are on the scene, they can help with performing chest compressions, preparing and defibrillating, which reduces the risk of a cardiac arrest in the patient. Be well prepared and follow the instructions from the device, which guide the procedure.  

By being equipped with a Philips HeartStart HS1, you increase the chances of saving a life when an incident arises. 


Research indicates that the Philips HS1 is the defibrillator with best ease-of-use  

Plenty of research exists indicating that users of Philips defibrillators feel confident about using them in emergency situations and that they are safe to use. This is the conclusion reached by Dawn B Jorgenson et al in the article "Abstract 119: Over-the-Counter Automated External Defibrillators in Homes: Safe and Effective".

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Supplied complete with electrode pads and batteries. 

Here, you can buy your Philips defibrillator today. With a full 8-year warranty.

The bag in the picture is available as an add-on option and is not supplied as standard.

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