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Service of defibrillators

Service agreement for defibrillators

We at the CPR-Help sell defibrillators to both workplaces and individuals.

According to a study by Danielsson and Mattsson: http://www.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:1172246/FULLTEXT01.pdf, more and more people are surviving a cardiac arrest. This is because the proximity to a defibrillator is becoming more common. Thousands of workplaces and private homes around the country have a defibrillator close by. A cardiac arrest does not differentiate between age, gender or health. Everyone can be affected. Being close to a defibrillator is therefore very essential to increase the chance of survival.

In the event of a cardiac arrest, every minute counts. For every minute that passes by, the chance of survival decreases by 10%. We therefore want to make sure that as many as possible have a defibrillator nearby and especially, a defibrillator that it works as it should. Therefore, we offer you to sign a service agreement for your defibrillator. This increases the chances that it will always work when it is needed.



This is included in our service agreement

A defibrillator helps the heart to start beating again if a person has suffered a cardiac arrest. The machine sends out the necessary electric shocks that the heart needs to regain its normal function. To use a defibrillator, you usually do not need to have had any prior training. Modern defibrillators are semi-automated models that guide you through each step of the rescue with a calm voice.

A defibrillator is not always used, fortunately there are not always cardiac arrests in the areas nearby. However, a heart machine always needs to get the right service for it to work properly when it ends up in a critical situation. With our service agreement, you can always rely on the defibrillator to work properly.



During our service, we ensure that:

  • Examine the defibrillator and its function
  • Replace electrodes and batteries if necessary
  • Update the machine
  • Borrow you a defibrillator if your own does not work
  • We take care of all maintenance of your defibrillator and you can feel safe with the fact that it is always ready to use.



This is how your defibrillator service agreement works

We offer a service agreement for all our defibrillators, regardless of which model you choose. The most common issue of a defibrillator is that the electrodes are old or that the battery is not working anymore. The fact that the electrodes have dried out, and that the battery does not work is vital for those who suffer a cardiac arrest. It can simply be the difference between life and death. Through our service, we make sure to investigate this and get your machine ready for use.

You do not have to keep track of when essential parts such as batteries are to be replaced and who is to replace them for you. We simply take care of all the practical details for your defibrillator. A service agreement for defibrillators with us runs annually and it has no notice period.