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ZOLL AED Plus - the only defibrillator with CPR support

ZOLL defibrillator helps you through every step of the rescue. Combined picture, voice, and text messages help you to perform the rescue easily and efficiently.

It uses electrodes (two in one) with a built-in sensor that measures the depth of the compressions. The defibrillator notifies you if you are performing effective and accurate cardiac compressions. During cardiopulmonary resuscitation, you receive feedback via voice and text with messages such as "press harder" or "good compressions".

Adaptive metronome - adapts to the user

AED Plus defibrillators are also equipped with a metronome to ensure that the chest compressions you give are done at the right pace - the recommended frequency is 100 compressions per minute. Zoll AED Plus has an adaptive metronome, which means that the defibrillator helps the user to regulate the pace gradually, upwards, or downwards.



Long durability of both electrode and battery results in low operating costs

Among our defibrillators, the Zoll AED Plus has one of the lowest operating costs. It has among the longest durability of both batteries and electrodes, and they both last for 5 years, which makes the defibrillator very maintenance-free. ZOLL AED Plus has a warranty period of 7 years. ZOLL AED Plus performs self-checks to alert the user if there are any faults or if the batteries start to run out.



Best possible protection against dust and water

AED PLUS has an IP rating of IP55 for dust and water, which makes it very suitable for placement in "tough" environments. Having a defibrillator close hand can be vital in emergency situations, whether it is indoors in dusty environments, or outdoors on a rainy day.



Use on children and adults

The Zoll AED Plus defibrillator can be used for both children and adults. It can be used on children with special child-adapted electrodes. When the child electrode is connected, it then automatically detects that a child is to be rescued.