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Buy CPR manikins at a good price

CPR manikins

CPR manikins are accessories used in training in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). We have several different CPR manikins to choose from. There is a difference between giving cardiopulmonary resuscitation to a small child compared to an adult, and therefore we sell manikins in different sizes - from baby to adult. The manikins also have different functions depending on the manufacturer. All CPR manikins have a realistic anatomy, which is a prerequisite for being able to learn to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation correctly. Within our products, you will find CPR manikins from reputable manufacturers such as Laerdal, Prestan and Ambu. We offer some of the most popular models of CPR manikins on the market, all from Little Anne to the Prestan professional and Choking Charlie.

Hot items in the sub categories

The CPR manikins are delivered with soft bags that facilitate transport and storage. Some bags are also equipped with wheels. Each CPR manikin also comes with a clear user manual that makes it easy to get started. Each model has a number of different accessories that makes the teaching more effective and ensure good hygiene. We are very thankful to the fact that worn parts can easily be replaced, so you can use your CPR manikins for a long time. For educations with many participants, manikins with the technical function QCPR are also practical because the teacher can follow up to six students simultaneously on the associated app.



Full body manikins

The full body manikins, for example Resusci Anne and Resusci Junior, are the most advanced manikins and are perfect to use for scenario training, which usually takes place in professional contexts. For the full body manikin, there are a variety of accessories to buy and it is possible to change the manikin based on needs and wishes. You can also buy legs and arms for exercises in trauma care, as well as rescue and unloading techniques. There are also several different technical accessories such as QCPR with an app and SkillGuide, through which the exercises can be measured and controlled. It is a function that is very useful when several people have to perform exercises at the same time, or if you want to go through the exercises with the students on a screen afterwards.



Half-body manikins

If you for example mostly need a CPR manikin to hold trainings in schools or companies, a half-body manikin is a good enough and a flexible alternative. They have the correct anatomy and are of the same high quality as the full body manikins, but are slightly cheaper. They are also easier to store thanks to their smaller size. We offer half-body manikins from both Prestan and Laerdal (Little Anne). Little Anne now comes with QCPR, but there is also an upgrade package to buy for those who have a previous model. You can also buy the half-body manikins in 4-packs, which is practical if you have larger groups during the training.



CPR manikins for basic training in CPR

In order for a manikin to be used for basic training in CPR, the chest needs to be raised and visibly when it is getting inhaled, and the manikin need to indicate whether the chest compressions are deep enough. You will find several manikins that meet these requirements among our products, including Little Anne and Prestan professional adult. These features give participants instant feedback and help them find the right technology.

During training, it is important to maintain good hygiene to avoid the spread of infection. When the mouth-to-mouth method is practiced, saliva is transferred and therefore it is important to clean the CPR manikin between every time it is used. We have interchangeable face guards for a hygienic teaching environment, as well as cleaning wipes that make it easy to clean the manikin between each participant within the course. We also have face cloths that are exchanged between each participant. The respiratory tract of the CPR manikin should also be changed after a day of use, and you can also find these among our product.



CPR manikins for children CPR

We also have a number of manikins for realistic exercises when you are going to learn how to perform CPR on children and adolescents. The techniques differ depending on whether the child is older or younger than one year, and therefore there are two types of CPR manikins: junior and baby.

For training on children older than one year, we recommend the manikin Little Junior. It is realistic, cheap, durable and has a light weight. It has all the important CPR functions required to train cardiopulmonary resuscitation on younger children.

If you are taking courses of how to instruct in CPR for babies, the Resusci Baby manikin is then a good fit. The manikin has a realistic look, which gives a more precise education. Resusci Baby has been updated and has improved measurement of compressions and breaths. The new technology gives your students the opportunity to measure and improve their efforts during the course, a lot of opportunities that did not exist before. The model has several functions such as:

Possibility of four centimeters compression of the chest

A realistic anatomy for both the body and head.

The chest rises both in the breathing balloon and during the mouth-to-mouth method.

More accurate measurements, detailed screens and a sensor that indicates the correct placement of your fingers.



Package deals

We sell several different types of training packages with CPR manikins. These packages can for example contain an entire family, Little Family, which is useful if you want to be able to cover all age categories in an education. We also have packages with individual manikins that come with accessories of various kinds, such as extra arms and legs, measuring tools that check the effectiveness of your cardiopulmonary resuscitation, clothing and various types of storage solutions. The kits usually also include a starter kit for cleaning your CPR manikin. If you for example are going to arrange training for larger groups, we also sell 4-packs of, Little Anne and Prestan, both child and adult models.

Studies show that the feedback technology used in our best-selling CPR manikins with QCPR (Little Anne, Little Junior & Resusci Anne) shows that learning and understanding increases in students (Does real-time objective feedback and competition improve performance and quality in manikin CPR training - a prospective observational study from several European EMS) by JR Smart, corresponding author K. Kranz, F. Carmona, TW Lindner, and A. Newton.