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Köp Choking Charlie

Choking Charlie

Choking Charlie is a manikin that is specially designed to practice the Heimlich maneuver on: https://journals.lww.com/joem/Citation/1977/03000/The_Heimlich_Maneuver__Prevention_of_Death_from.8.aspx, which can save lives if someone gets something stuck in their throat. This is important knowledge to have and is an excellent supplement to CPR.

Here at CPR-Help, you can find Choking Charlie manikins as well as wet wipes to wipe them with in order to ensure high standards of hygiene.

Save lives in the event of airway obstruction

With Choking Charlie, you can teach back blows and abdominal thrusts and save lives in the event of an airway obstruction. The manikin has a realistic appearance and is the same size as an adult. It consists of a torso that is easy to get the right grip on. With a realistic anatomy, it’s easier to achieve a realistic training session.

Choking Charlie is an excellent tool for instructors and course participants alike. Instructors can use the manikin in order to show how to save someone who has suffered an airway obstruction. Course participants can use the manikin to practice performing the life-saving maneuver.





Teach the Heimlich maneuver with Choking Charlie

Everyone can suffer from airway obstruction, whether young or old. An obstruction in the throat is common and, in the worst-case scenario, can be life-threatening. It is therefore important that those in the vicinity know how to perform the Heimlich maneuver in order to be able to remove the object causing the airway obstruction and save lives.

Choking Charlie is a manikin that simulates an airway obstruction that needs to be remedied by back blows and the Heimlich maneuver. This is a maneuver everyone should learn – whether it be school children or employees at a company. With this manikin, you can learn exactly how to place your hands and how much pressure to give to achieve the right effect.



Easy to clean and transport

Choking Charlie is easy to look after and clean. For easy cleaning, you can use wet wipes, for example. CPR-Help sells wet wipes that are specially designed for CPR manikins. These disinfect the manikins and make them free from bacteria. This way, the manikin is always ready to use. A bag to store and transport the manikin in is also included.

The Heimlich maneuver is the movement that helps to loosen objects that have become stuck in the trachea, creating an obstruction. A person suffering from an airway obstruction can usually not breathe and therefore needs help quickly. The method is fast to teach and train. Training with a Choking Charlie manikin is important. By having already practiced performing the maneuver, more people feel ready to use it in an emergency situation. With the right knowledge, it’s easier to act correctly fast. It’s important to teach that the Heimlich maneuver saves lives and that the maneuver is important to perform. 

With Choking Charlie, small balls are used to imitate food that is stuck in the manikin's trachea. This way, the person training with the manikin knows when they are applying the correct pressure – as the food then flies out of the trachea. A CPR manikin for airway obstruction is one of the highly important ways in which one can learn to save lives.