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Little Anne QCPR

Little Anne QCPR, the best CPR manikin on the market

Little Anne continues to develop in both realism and functionality. With constant improvements, it leaves competitors farther and further behind. Therefore, this is the CPR manikin that we first recommend within all the different ones that we offer. With the new QCPR technology, the instructor can also choose to see/view feedback digitally, in addition to clicking sound and visible elevation of the chest.

Little Anne QCPR has all the most important functions such as clicking sound at the correct depth of the chest compressions and visible elevation of the chest at correct inhalations. Unlike many other torso manikins, Little Anne has a very realistic construction of the airway. The airway needs to be opened by bending behind the head back and lifting the chin/jaw, just as in reality.

QCPR technology delivers important feedback to the user and helps them to quickly develop their technology. With the help of Laerdal's free apps for smartphones and tablets, clear feedback is given. An alternative to the wireless apps is SkillGuide with the extension cable, it can be used by itself or in combination with the CPR apps.

QCPR technology includes:

• feedback on compression depth and velocity, chest release and ventilation

• debrief after event, including points, summary of performance overview and tips

Little Anne QCPR helps improve CPR quality and efficiency, while creating a fun and engaging element for students with a QCPR feature competition.

Upgrade your existing Little Anne manikins in minutes with the Little Anne QCPR Upgrade Kit.