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Little Anne QCPR, 4-pack Little Anne QCPR, 4-pack

Little Anne QCPR 4-pack

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Product Description:

New Little Anne QCPR in 4-pack. With the new QCPR manikin, you as the instructor can see the participants' quality of chest compressions and rescue breaths for up to six participants at the same time. Through an app, you can for example see if the chest compressions are deep enough or if the rescue breaths are approved.

Through the app, you as the instructor can follow the participants in their training and after the exercise you can report the results on a larger screen.

Delivered with:

4 Little Anne QCPR

4 Soft exercise mats

1 Roll bag for 4th Little Anne

8 Exchange Face

8 Airways

24 Wet wipes

1 User Instructions

Little Anne QCPR-4 pack is a good choice if you are going to provide training and courses in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The original manikin Little Anne is a realistic manikin to train cardiopulmonary resuscitation on adults, and now we offer it with an updated technology with an associated app, as well as a SkillGuide that you can buy. Because of the app and QCPR feedback, it is possible to see if the trainer performed compressions and breaths correctly. The results are measurable and the teacher can easily give feedback if the entire participation is performed correctly.

The fact that the Little Anne manikin has been updated with QCPR feedback has proven to give both facilitate learning for students in education and a better result. If any student needs to practice more at any time, this will be shown in the app. The app helps that gender students can be monitored at the same time without missing a moment. In this way, it becomes much easier for the instructor to get an overview of larger groups, while the participants get detailed feedback and the opportunity to train more in their weak moments. This is for example a perfect product for schools, work groups or similar companies. 


Little Anne QCPR 4-pack: features and accessories

To get an authentic feeling as possible, our manikins can be anatomically correct and has functions such as a nose that can squeeze, and a chest that rises when insufflation and is compressed during compressions. The Little Anne 4-pack manikins are available in two variants, one with light skin and one with dark skin. They come with interchangeable faces and airways, as well as wet wipes to be able to maintain a hygienic education. Should any part need to be replaced after a period of time, you will also find all replacement parts among our products.

The Little Anne QCPR-4 pack is delivered in a practical roller bag that makes it easy to transport the CPR manikins between different trainings. A clear and detailed user manual is also included. Each manikin also has a soft training mat for the manikin to lie firmly on and for the students to be able to perform exercises on in the best way.


QCPR feedback

With the advanced technology of QCPR, you get better control over the training. With relevant and objective feedback, participants are encouraged to do their best. They don’t only compete against each other, but also against their previous results, which encourages them to want to improve. As a leader of the training, you can after review the results together on a screen after completing the course. The students also have the opportunity to download another variant of the app that they can use for practice on their own after the course. They can also communicate and help each other when using the app.


Affordable products to save lives

If you are going to hold trainings for larger groups, it will be more cost-effective to order a multi-pack of manikins than buying individual manikins. If you order several packages, it is good to know that the app you are connecting can show up to six participants' efforts at the same time. If more students than that are going to be using it at the same time, we recommend that there are more leaders for the training in order for it to be as effective and qualitative as possible.

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