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Little Baby QCPR

Little Baby QCPR replaces the old Baby Anne manikin

Little Baby is realistic and looks like a baby manikin made for training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation on infants. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation on infants differs from CPR on an adult as well as older children. Little Baby makes it possible for anyone who is working with young children to learn proper techniques. Realistic anatomy means that correct technology is required to get results. The participants quickly understand if they are doing something wrong and can in that way then repeat the step.

With the help of Little Baby, you can teach a variety of techniques to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on smaller children, such as the mouth-to-mouth method, chest compressions, as well as breathing and chest shock techniques to remove airway obstruction.



Who can use the manikin?

Little Baby is a good complement to all CPR training, whether it is meant to be for adults or children, individuals or companies. It is especially important to teach the right technology to people who work with younger children or in care, but new parents also benefit from learning to perform CPR on infants.

It is very rare for young children to have a sudden cardiac arrest. Significantly more common is that the heart stops due to lack of oxygen and such often occurs due to foreign objects in the airways.



Durable material and easy to maintain

The Little Baby manikin is designed in a durable material that provides long durability and that means it can be used for many courses and education. In addition, the CPR manikin is easy to clean and maintain. You can remove the manikin's clothes as well as the face to access and clean the manikin itself. The product is delivered with an airway and you also have the opportunity to buy more if you need it. You also get wet wipes to wipe the manikin after each participant in order to keep a hygienic training environment. We obviously also have wet wipes, face cloths, and replacement parts among our products and with accessories when you need to refill.

The low weight makes Little Baby easy to transport, which makes it easier if the teaching takes place in several different places. The manikin is delivered together with a soft carrying case that also protects the manikin when it is not being used.



Buy Little Baby QCPR from us

If you want to hold CPR training for infants, Little Baby is something that can increase the quality of the training, as well as it helps to create a more realistic situation and provides the opportunity to train in all aspects that can save the lives of young children. The manikin's relatively low price and long durability also make it a very affordable investment.

You can choose between light and dark skin color on the manikin. If you want to buy larger quantities, we offer packages that include a total of 4 manikins - of course at a lower price per manikin. The manikin or manikins, depending on how many you choose, come in a bag with a strap that makes transport and storage easier.