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Mini Anne plus

In order to practice and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, a CPR manikin is the absolute best aid. With a CPR manikin, you get the right sort of training and learn how to intervene in a critical situation. If you want to be able to do realistic CPR exercises, we have a large selection of CPR manikins that are well suited for the purpose.

A Mini Anne Plus from Laerdal is a realistic CPR manikin that has the anatomical properties needed for the education to be good. Mini Anne Plus can make it possible to practice at the right compression with depth and correct breaths. When the chest compressions are necessarily deep, the manikin will announce this with a clicking sound, alternatives facilitate the training. Others raise and lower the manikin's chest at the insufflations so that they also can be made correctly. With a Mini Anne Plus, the details are well thought out, and the manikins come in a unicolor skin tone. But everyone is included in the training!

Mini Anne Plus is the obvious choice for those who want a budget-friendly CPR manikin of the highest quality. The manikins come in a ten-pack, which can be used for group training. It obviously includes everything that is needed for your training to be as good as possible. A Mini Anne Plus comes with, among other things, ten faces and pump bags as well as knee pads for all participants. The wet wipes and airways are also included and can be replaced between workouts.



Accessories for Mini Anne Plus

When you use Mini Anne Plus, some parts need to be replaced in order to maintain a good standard of hygiene. Here at CPR-Help, you will find all the parts and accessories needed.

Your Mini Anne Plus comes with wet wipes so that the face of the manikin can be wiped off between the different uses. When you need to restock, CPR-Help has packages with 50 or 1,200 wet wipes for you. In that way, you are always ready for your training. 

We also have extra lungs in the 50-pack. The lungs in the manikin are interchangeable and can be changed between each training session so that no bacteria remain. In this way, your CPR manikins can always stay clean and fresh.



A CPR manikin prepares you to save lives

Training in CPR with Mini Anne Plus requires about one to two hours of time. During the course, there is plenty of time to teach everyone how to perform correct CPR. Knowing how to perform CPR is important in order to be able to intervene if someone close to you suffers from cardiac arrest. With a CPR manikin, you get to learn how to perform chest compressions and inhalations.

A Mini Anne Plus can be used for around 600 training sessions and 300,000 compressions. This makes the manikin a very good investment. Around 275,000 cardiac arrests occur each year in Europe outside hospital walls: http://www.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:413003/FULLTEXT01.pdf. With the right CPR training, more people can feel safe knowing that they can help save these lives.

When your CPR manikin needs new accessories, you can always contact us at CPR-Help or buy them directly in the store.