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Resusci Junior

Realistic child CPR manikin

It is hard to find a more realistic manikin than Resusci Junior for cardiopulmonary resuscitation on children between 1–12 years. In terms of size, the manikin is comparable to a child in the age of 5, in terms of height and weight. Because it is adapted and developed for both land and water environments, this can be trained and simulated in many situations. Resusci Junior is available in half body and full body version. Nowadays, there is also Resusci Junior with Laerdal's QCPR technology that provides digital feedback on performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Since CPR on children can be extra difficult and emotional compared to CPR on adults, the clear QCPR feedback can really be great support for you as an instructor and participant. Feedback can be obtained by connecting a skill guide or through Laerdal's free app, where you can download the feedback to your mobile device.

Add a skillguide for your Resusci Junior QCPR

With a complete package when you buy a manikin of the model Resusci Junior QCPR with accompanying skill guide, you get the following accessories:

A realistic manikin of high quality whose anatomy is similar to one of a real child.

A skill guide that provides real-time feedback and provides support for finger placement, pressure, compression depth and inhalation techniques. The exercise becomes very detailed with this effective software.

A smart carrying case for easy transport of the manikin.

An exercise mat for extra comfort during practice sessions.

A training suit that gives extra weight and makes it real during life-saving exercises in water.

A bottle of detergent to keep the manikin clean.

An instruction manual with clear descriptions and instructions.

You can obviously also buy Resusci Junior without the skill guide at a lower price. However, a skill guide is preferable if you are teaching larger groups and want to make sure that everything goes right. With the direct feedback from your skill guide, you know what the student needs to practice more on and you can capture details that are difficult to perceive with just the eye.

Resusci Junior's features Apart from the fact that the manikin is realistic and anatomically detailed, there are a number of smart features for your life-saving technique to be developed.

Among other things, the manikin has properties such as:

Removable faces that can be reused after cleaning.

Disposable airways that are easy to change and make the manikin easy to keep clean. These are optimal for good hygiene during training sessions with a larger number of participants. Functions that only allow the airways to be opened, if the correct technology is used. The person who is practicing needs to apply the same technique as in reality, by lifting the manikin's chin and jaw backwards in the correct position. Chest movement is important when correct inhalations are performed. Chest resistance also gives a feeling similar to chest compressions on a real baby. Realistic simulation of neck pulse.

The same faces and airways can be used for the Little Junior model, which is also an affordable complement.