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Cabinets for defibrillators - Protective Cabinets & Wall Cabinets

Cabinets for defibrillators

It is important that defibrillators are stored in a protected, safe and visible location. To last longer,, the defibrillator should be guarded from cold, collisions and dust, and it should be easy to find and access during an emergency. Therefore, it is important to have the appropriate cabinet for your defibrillator. You choose the cabinet based on how the defibrillator is supposed to be stored and what risks it might be exposed to.

Cabinets for defibrillators to be stored indoors

Cabinet requirements are different for defibrillators that are stored indoors and ones that are stored outdoors. The storage requirements are generally lower if the defibrillator is stored indoors because the strain is not so great. If your defibrillator is in a bag, the easiest solution is to hang it on a sturdy wall mount. This is a solution that works well in smaller offices, for example.

If instead you store your defibrillator where there is a lot of people in movement, we recommend using a cabinet. The risk that the defibrillator should fall to the floor if someone bumps into it is diminished and the cabinet also has an alarm that sounds if the cabinet door is opened.  It tells its surroundings that an emergency has occured where the defibrillator is needed and also works as a way to call for help in a situation where time is limited.  You choose yourself if you wish to activate the alarm or not. A cabinet even reduces wear and tear and the risk that the defibrillator is exposed to moisture or dirt. It extends the life expectancy of your defibrillator, especially in dustier environments as for example in industrial premises.  Even if the defibrillator has a high IP grading it is good to protect it from internal effects.

The cabinets in our product range are flexible and have a depth of around 20 cm, which means they can easily be places even in tighter spaces. You can choose between green or white colours.



Cabinets for defibrillators to be stored outdoors

If the defibrillator is stored outdoors or in uninsulated facilities you will need a protective cabinet with heating. It is important to choose a high quality cabinet to protect the defibrillator The cabinets from Arky that we have in our product range are produced in durable plastic with the inside made from aluminium. You can choose a cabinet that can withstand temperatures down to -25 Celsius or a polar cabinet which can withstand temperatures down to -45 degrees Celsius. The conditions the cabinet needs to withstand depends on where you are in the country. Even these cabinets have alarms that sound when the cabinet is opened to indicate an emergency. The alarm can be turned off if wished. These cabinets are 100% dust and waterproof, which makes them appropriate for tougher environments in for example saw mills, car washes and ski lifts. An outdoor cabinet for defibrillators increases access significantly. A study looked at differences in the accessibility of defibrillators during night time, weekends and weekdays at day time. It was observed that accessibility was halved during evenings and weekends at the same time as roughly 60% of cardiac arrests happened during evenings and weekends! The study was conducted by Carolina Malta Hansen et al. "Automated External Defibrillators Inaccessible to More Than Half of Nearby Cardiac Arrests in Public Locations During Evening, Nighttime, and Weekends". 

Other researchers have also looked at defibrillators and accessibility. David Fredman with colleagues, found in their study "Expanding the first link in the chain of survival - Experiences from dispatcher referral of callers to AED locations" that defibrillators at several locations have been inaccessible during cardiac arrests. With an outdoor cabinet and the national symbol for defibrillators clearly marked, the chances of defibrillators actually being used when needed should increase. 

Besides cabinets for defibrillators we sell a great deal of other first aid materials and if you are unsure of what you need you can contact our support. With our help it is easier to save lives and to store your first aid products the right way. Our selection in the online store is available both for individuals and businesses.