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Kit for Defibrillators

To be a part of a cardiopulmonary resuscitation can be traumatic. However, it is important to always try to save the life of someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest. The sooner a treatment can be started, the greater the chance that the person will survive.

Always start by calling 112 and then start CPR. Get your defibrillator and start using it. A defibrillator can be used by anyone - trained or inexperienced. A voice will guide you through all the steps. With a defibrillator nearby, everyone can help save lives.

To use a defibrillator properly, it is important to have the right conditions. We at CPR-Help therefore offer various kits for defibrillators that can help you and facilitate you to save lives. With an accessory kit, it will be easier to help.

Kits for defibrillators will help you save lives

We offer various kits for defibrillators. They contain different products and are in different price ranges. You choose which one you want to buy. Remember to always place your defibrillator accessory kit in the bag where you store your defibrillator. The kit should always be close by.

Our CPR kit from Lifetek includes cleaning wipes, respiratory protection, gloves and scissors. The scissors are used to cut up the clothes that the patient is wearing so that you can place the electrodes on the chest. There is also a razor so that chest hair can be shaved off quickly. Too much body hair prevents the electrodes from getting a good grip on the skin. If the person who is suffering from a cardiac arrest is sick, the respiratory protection protects the therapist against diseases when he performs inhalations.

There is also a simpler kit for defibrillators with accessories. It consists of a razor, gloves, respiratory protection and a drying compress.

It is a very well-developed kit for defibrillators that can help the someone to quickly start and perform CPR. Keep in mind that you should purchase a new kit each time it has been used as some parts should not be reused.



Wall bracket for your defibrillator

Saving the life of someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest will bring joy to both the person and the victim, as well as their family and friends. Saving lives through CPR is something that everyone can perform. With a defibrillator, you also get very good help and can keep someone alive until the ambulance arrives.

We recommend that you buy a wall mount for your defibrillator. In this way, you can place it very visible in a room that everyone has access to. A wall bracket is easy to mount and it comes with a screw for mounting. You can then hang the bag with the defibrillator on the wall as well.

With a defibrillator in the workplace, you can feel both safe and proud. Confident in that you can save lives if someone suffers a cardiac arrest, and proud of the fact that your workplace takes responsibility and actively contributes to saving lives.