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Lifetek AED7000 Accessories

Accessories for AED7000

A defibrillator is a machine that saves lives. In order for this to be done, you must have the right accessories and make sure to keep them updated. An AED7000 defibrillator requires electrodes and a battery, among other things. We at CPR-Help have all the accessories you may need and you can order new accessories at any time.

In order for a defibrillator to be used, it must be placed somewhere that it can be reached by everyone - and at any time.

CPR-Help therefore recommend that you get a wall bracket for your defibrillator. It is excellent for placing an AED7000 on. Place your defibrillator in a bag that protects it from dirt and dust, and after that you can hang it on the wall mount. With a defibrillator that is easy to spot, the chance of it being used in a critical situation increases.



Important accessories for the AED7000

CPR- Help has all the accessories you need for your defibrillator AED7000. We have essential accessories including electrodes and a battery. A battery is an accessory for the AED7000 that should be regularly inspected for operation. The shelf life of the battery is 4-5 years in standby mode. If you are using the defibrillator it can shorten the battery life.

An accessory that needs to be purchased a little more often is electrodes. These are the ones that you attach to the patient's body to start treatment with the defibrillator. Electrodes for the AED7000 have a lifespan of approximately 22 to 24 months. After that, the gel gets all dry and they become unusable. Feel free to have a couple of extra electrodes on hand, so that you always have access to them if several cardiac arrests should occur close by another.

We also have electrodes for children for the AED7000. These also have a shelf life of 18–20 months.



Accessory kit for AED7000

To facilitate your lifesaving, an accessory kit is important. There are various accessory kits to choose from. They contain scissors, gloves and a razor for example. In order to be able to attach electrodes to the body, it is essential that the clothes of the person who needs help are removed. You can easily do this with scissors. If the person has a lot of body hair, it can also be important that it is removed with a razor. Otherwise, there is a risk that the electrodes are not getting enough grip.



Help us save more lives

We at CPR-Help sell defibrillators to be able to save more lives - but we need your help! By acquiring a defibrillator and the right accessories, more lives can be saved. Anyone can suffer from cardiac arrest, both adults and children, old and young.

If the person who has suffered a cardiac arrest receives the right help within a few minutes, the chance of survival increases. Use the defibrillator and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation until the ambulance arrives and then they can take over the lifesaving.