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Philips HeartStart HS1 accessories

Accessories Philips HS1

It is important to make sure that your defibrillator is properly maintained. The machine has some accessories and some have a shorter lifespan than others. By making sure that all parts of the defibrillator work and are not out of date, the defibrillator will always be ready for use.

Essential accessories for Philips HS1

There are two products that are essential for Philips HS1 defibrillators to work: electrodes and the battery. Without these, the machine cannot be used. Even if the defibrillator is unused, it should always be maintained and examined regularly, preferably once a year.

Philips HS1 needs the right kind of battery and it is important to make sure that it is not discharged. The battery for the Philips HS1 has a standby time of 4 years and is marked with an expiration date. It is important that the right type of battery is used. This battery can be used for a full 4 hours of use.

Another essential accessory for the Philips HS1 is the electrodes that are glued to the chest of the person suffering from a cardiac arrest. Electrodes that have been used or whose gel has dried out and must be replaced. For Philips HS1, there are electrodes for both adults and children. CPR help guaranteed at least two years of durability on the electrodes.



More accessories for the defibrillator

Other accessories for the Philips HS1 include an accessory kit, wall mount and various bags for storage. An accessory kit is important for use. An accessory kit usually includes scissors, a razor and gloves. If the person who becomes ill has a lot of body hair, the therapist may need to shave the hair before using the defibrillator for the electrodes to attach.

A wall mount for the defibrillator is an excellent choice. Then it can be placed visibly on the wall where everyone can see it. We also have different bags to place the defibrillator in. They are differently designed but the thing they have in common is that they protect the defibrillator from water and dust for example. If you choose a larger bag, it can also hold extra electrodes and extra battery.

As an accessory to the Philips HS1, we also have software to configure the device's function, safety seals for attaching the defibrillator to a wall mount so that it cannot be stolen and an alarm cabinet.

If your defibrillator is in a public place, it is a good idea to place it in an alarm cabinet that has a loud sound if the defibrillator has been retrieved. It is also good for large offices because people can then call for more help from any experienced person nearby.