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Backpacks for defibrillators

Accessories Backpacks

At CPR-Help, you will find everything you need to be able to perform a safe and effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation. We are your defibrillator specialist, and have both defibrillators and all the different accessories you may need.

We help you choose the right defibrillator model for just your home, workplace or public environment. Approximately 10,000 people suffer cardiac arrest each year in these places, and only around 5% survive: http://www.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:537368/FULLTEXT01.pdf. With a defibrillator nearby, more people can be saved. All the defibrillators that we have available have local voice instructions and are easy to use - regardless of experience or knowledge. They are also completely safe.

With a defibrillator nearby, you can help save lives. In the moment of a cardiac arrest, every minute counts and the defibrillator must be found and used quickly. If you need to be able to transport your defibrillator in a safe way - we at CPR-Help have the right equipment for you.



Backpack for defibrillators

To be able to transport a defibrillator in a simple and safe way, a backpack is an excellent choice. In a specially designed backpack, the defibrillator is safe and secure, protected from weather and wind. It is obviously water resistant and protects the defibrillator from rain and other moisture.

The backpacks we can offer at CPR-Help are all designed to be very practical. They come in two different sizes: compact and large. An Arky backpack in size large fits all types of defibrillators. It has several flexible compartments and holds many different accessories. This means that you can not only store your defibrillator here, but also a CPR kit and a first aid kit.

The backpack stands out since it is well designed in a red color. This makes it easier to locate the bag. It also has large reflexes so it is extra safe to use in the dark.



Backpack in different sizes

Arky backpack in size compact has the same look as the one in large, but it is slightly smaller. This also holds all types of defibrillators and they can securely be attached to the bag. The compact size accommodates less accessories but it still manages to keep the most important ones.

If you need help with which backpack to buy, if you should get the large one or the small, you can always contact us at CPR-Help for advice.



Comfortable backpack for defibrillators

Are you about to host an event or a sporting event where your defibrillator needs to be available - a backpack from Dutch Arky is then the perfect way to transport it. By placing your defibrillator in a specially designed backpack, you do not have to worry about it getting hit, shocked or watered. The backpack is also comfortable to carry around and has adjustable shoulder straps.

The backpack is made of durable material, which means that it will last for many years. By bringing your defibrillator to major events where there are a lot of people, you can prevent someone from dying as a result of a cardiac arrest. Both the defibrillator and the backpack from Arky are well-worth investments that can save many lives.