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Cutting tools

Cutting tools for cardiac arrest and other accidents

When a critical situation arises with cardiac arrest or other injury, it is important to act as soon as possible in and use the defibrillator. With a cutting tool you save both time and energy. The cutting tool quickly and smoothly cuts up different types of clothing, which makes the chest visible on the person you are about to place the electrodes on.

A cutting tool is extra important to have if the victim wear thick clothes that can be difficult to cut up with scissors. This is the ultimate tool for those who want to save lives. Always store the cutting tool with the defibrillator. You do not have to look for sharp scissors to cut up the clothes with then.

Here at CPR -Help you will find cutting tools from the S-CUT brand. We believe that it is the best cutting tool available on the market. A cutting tool from S-CUT also does not violate the knife law - which means that you as a lifeguard, can always carry it with you everywhere you are for use in any critical situations.



Cutting tools from S-CUT save lives

We have different models of cutting tools from S-CUT. Regardless of which model you choose, you can feel confident that you are getting an effective tool that cuts up most garments. A popular cutting tool is S-CUT XC-E - Extreme Cutter which easily cuts into thicker material with its large gap between handle and abutment.

S-CUT 701 is a cutting tool that has been specially developed for use when lifesaving in emergency situation and by rescue organizations. The cutting tool is made of stainless steel and can quickly cut off clothes. With S-CUT 501 you can easily cut up most garments. This cutting tool cuts through coarse workwear as well as leather, zippers and thicke leather clothes. 

You choose what cutting tool that is best for you, and when it can be used. S-CUT is a brand that manufactures ergonomic cutting tools that is made in a grip-friendly way. You can use the cutting tool both with and without gloves. The cutting tool has a protection that prevents the person from being injured.

The cutting tool is not just for use with defibrillators. It can also be used to expose and help to show injuries without that the victim has to be moved.



Accessories for your cutting tool

S-CUT is used by rescue services and emergency hospitals, and others. Some models come with a wall mount and some come with a holster. If the model you choose comes without this, it can be purchased separately because it is a part of our assecories of cutting tools.

CPR-Help also sell extra cutting blades so it can easily be replaced. In that way you always have a sharp cutting blade available. Along with the cutting blade, you can aslo buy abutments.



Optimal use on the construction sites

If you have a defibrillator: https://lakartidningen.se/klinik-och-vetenskap-1/2010/02/fler-kan-kanddas-efter-hjartstopp-utanfor-sjukhus/, at an industrial or construction site where employees usually wear thick work clothes, a cutting tool can be an optimal addition to your defibrillator. With the cutting tool, the clothes can quickly be torn apart and removed so much that treatment with the defibrillator can begin. For thick clothes, it is difficult to use scissors, even if it is a sharp cloth scissors.