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Zoll AED Plus accessories

We have electrodes, batteries and wall brackets for ZOLL AED PLUS

There are several different electrodes that fit the ZOLL AED PLUS. To make it easier to choose, we have put together information about the different electrodes.

There are four different types of electrodes that can all be used for ZOLL AED PLUS. They all have in common that they can only be used one time. When the package is broken, they must be used immediately because the gel on the electrodes begins to dry out faster then. If the packaging is not opened, they can be used until the expiry date stated on the packaging.

CPR-D electrode ZOLL AED Plus (item DI940)

These electrodes are the preferred ones for Zoll AED PLUS, as they have been developed for maximum convenience. Each electrode has been made in one piece, which facilitates correct placement. These electrodes have a sensor that measures the depth of the chest compressions and the rate. The AED responds to these measurements by giving additional instructions such as "press harder". Better chest compressions help increase the chance of survival. This article has a shelf life of five years. This explains the higher purchase price compared to other Zoll electrodes. These electrodes are intended for adults.



CPR Stat Padz (item 8900-0400)

CPR Stat Padz is not made in one piece like the CPR-D electrodes, but is equipped with a sensor. These electrodes are made for those who wants extra instructions, but doesn’t want that the electrodes are put together in one piece. These electrodes can also be advantageous when the AED is used regularly. The price is lower, all functionality is preserved and their shorter shelf life (about 2 years) is less important. These sets are intended for adult use.



Stat Padz II (Article 8900-0801-01)

Stat Padz is generally sold to individuals who have no interest in CPR feedback from Zoll AEDs; no sensor is connected to the electrodes and there is no feedback. This product is made for the people with very much experience of saving lives, who would not benefit much from CPR feedback. The electrodes are only connected to each other by a cable and are therefore not made in one piece. These are the most affordable electrodes, and have a shelf life of about two years.



Pedi Padz (Article 8900-0810-01)

Pedi Padz is intended for children up to 8 years or about 25 kg body weight. These electrodes lower the energy level of the shock to provide optimal amount to smaller bodies. It is a good idea to keep child electrodes near the AED, when it is stored in a place where there are many children. Cardiac arrest on  children is uncommon, but can obviously occur.